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Celebrating life’s adventure.
Make it legendary.


In the heart of the untamed Northwoods, where pine trees stretched to touch the sky and rivers roared with wild abandon, there lived a legendary figure named Paul Bunyan.

He was a giant man, with a hearty laugh that echoed through the valleys and a spirit as big as the land itself. But Paul wasn’t alone in his legendary adventures; he had a steadfast companion by his side — Babe the Blue Ox. Babe was a colossal blue giant, with a shimmering blue coat, eyes that sparkled like sapphires, and a strength that was unmatched.

Together, Paul and Babe conquered the wilderness, forging rivers with a single stride, clearing forests with a single swing of Paul’s mighty axe, blazing trails of wonder and amazement.

In the evenings, as the sun dipped below the horizon, Paul and Babe would celebrate their legendary adventures with vodka distilled from the purest water of the Northwoods and the finest grains Paul could find.

This drink, a testament to their bond and the spirit of the Northwoods, Blue Ox Vodka became known through the land, and adventurers from all corners of the world came to savor its legendary taste.


Blue Ox Spirits honor the timeless legend and adventurous spirit Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, crafting spirits for those who choose to adventure and be legendary.

Blue Ox Spirits are a tribute to those who live life for legendary adventures, boldly embracing the wild and untamed, just as the Northwoods once embraced its greatest legends. With every sip, you become a part of that legendary journey, forging your own path and creating your own tales of adventure, one sip at a time. Cheers to Blue Ox Spirits, where the legend lives on in every bottle, and legendary moments are born anew.

Celebrate your next legendary adventure with the Ox!

A row of images: a cocktgail with lemon and rosemary on a wood plank; two hikers enjoying scenic views; the Blue Ox mascot logo of a stylized Ox with horns.
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