Canned Cocktails

OxTails: The perfect ready-to-enjoy cocktail for any activity with two shots per can. Did we mention OxTails are gluten free?


Enjoy a new twist on a classic favorite!

Add a little something extra to any happy hour with this zesty mix of ginger and lime paired with award-winning Blue Ox Vodka.

326.8 calories


Fruity and fun, OxTails Rum Punch is the life of the party!

This fruity favorite brings together a medley of tropical and red fruit flavors for a rum cocktail that’s not too sweet and not too sour.

346.2 calories


Meet the perfect sunny day sipper!

With a classic lemonade base and award-winning Blue Ox Vodka, this canned cocktail is an easy drinker that’s sure to stick around.

346.2 calories


Every day is worth celebrating with an OxTails Margarita!

This canned cocktail is the perfect blend of sweet and salty, combining tequila with citrusy Cointreau, sweet lime and just a hint of salt.

278.7 calories


You can’t go wrong with a classic!

OxTails Gin & Tonic is an easy and approachable take on a beloved classic. This cocktail combines Blue Ox’s best-selling Gin with sweet lime flavors for a drink that’s tonic-forward and refreshing.

367 calories